I’m gonna be direct and honest with you…

True life.

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This is so relevant right now.

This is so relevant right now.

This makes me smile every time I watch it. Showing me videos of babies dancing is the way to win my heart.

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Late August, by Margaret Atwood

Late August, by Margaret Atwood

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I am asking you and the GOP to get out of my body, out of my vagina, my womb, to get out of all of our bodies. These are not your decisions to make. These are not your words to define.

Why don’t you spend your time ending rape rather than redefining it? Spend your energy going after those perpetrators who so easily destroy women rather than parsing out manipulative language that minimizes their destruction.

And by the way you’ve just given millions of women a very good reason to make sure you never get elected again, and an insanely good reason to rise.